Census apportionment over time

With Tuesday’s apportionment announcement, we decided to create an interactive map that would look at reapportionment over time. Census also created a map like that here.

Seat changes

Gene Thorp created a cartogram with the data that appeared on page 1 of the newspaper — you can check that out here.

Putting graphics in motion

Check out my first motion graphics piece, created for part two of Top Secret America, an investigation from The Washington Post.

Motion graphics

I worked with Dana Priest to write the script and I recorded the voiceover and did all the animation in After Effects. I created the graphic with maps made by Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso. I’ll write more later about the concept and execution. Let me know what you think!

Games: Testing your memory

I worked on these games last Monday for publication with Tuesday’s health section. Reporter Leslie Tamura collected a whole bunch of tests that indicate how you’re aging compared to peers. We decided to take some of those tests and replicate them for our online readers. We decided on word recall, face recognition and response time. Simple, but fun. Check them out!