Arbor Day Trees Map

We published this graphic for Arbor Day, which was on April 30. It takes a look at all the trees that have been planted by the non-profit organization Casey Trees since 2003. They’ve planted thousands of trees in order to try to increase D.C.’s “urban canopy.” You can use this tool to see where they’ve planted trees in your neighborhood and what kind they are.

Redbud Trees in DC

From a technical standpoint, this project was really interesting. It was executed in about two days, so it was a really quick turnaround, considering I haven’t done extensive development with the google maps api. Nathaniel and Gene worked up some cool custom tiles, and I designed and programmed a lot of it, and fit all the pieces together. Keep reading this post »

The Maize

These pictures are a sum-up of a quintessential fall day, spent in four stages:
a) kickball tournament (i got a single)
b) cornfield maze (i’ve achieved a life-long dream)
c) scouring the city for apple cider (we know it’s in that box!) and a fall favorite, tough-guy (excuse me, dirty) chai
d) one bottle of wine + political debate = eating granola on the subway on the way to a house party in clarendon

pumpkin girls
Me, Kelly, and Jenny at a Cornfield Maze and Pumpkin Patch in Maryland, on a perfect fall day

A brownflower

Survivor: The Cornfield (excuse Kelly’s GiantArm, it’s a 14mm, I couldn’t help myself

kids running
Loving fall, loving kids chasing hayrides

jenny jumping
Jenny, Jumping

Absolutely Wonderful.

The Air Smells Like Chocolate

HERSHEY,PA- In Hershey the air really does smell like chocolate, especially around the Hershey Lodge. I’m skeptical that the smell actually comes from the chocolate factory. I think it might come from smell-emitters around the hotel itself. But they are really strong, delicious emitters that make you think about your mama and her chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

Some pictures from the Hershey Gardens, which are beautiful. Fall is the best and most beautiful and good-smelling season, reminding us all of starting school, football games, and drinking hot chocolate without wearing gloves.

True Hershey
This sign just epitomizes how quaint Hershey is.

Cherries at Hershey Park
These cherries reminded me of a cherry tree I used to have at my old house in Franklin. The cherries were always really small and pink and we’d collect them for days.

Me loving Nature
And the obligatory picture of myself.

True Love Kills Trees
True Love Kills Trees

The Wallpaper at Hershey Lodge
The wallpaper at Hershey Lodge