Speaking and presentations

Doing it on deadline: 22 lessons from covering the news
Here’s a presentation I did at the University of Maryland Visualization Speaker Series in Oct. 2014.

More presentations:
SND Denver (2010)
Malofiej 19 (March 2011, Pamplona, Spain)
APME NewsTrain DC (March 2011)
NPR’s DUXcamp unconference (October 2011, DC)
NICAR St. Louis (February 2012), see presentation
Infographics Congress (March 2012, Netherlands)
Interactive Design workshop (May 2013, UNC)
ONA13 (October 2013, Atlanta)
CIC Impact Summit (September 2014, DC)
SND Scandinavia (October 2014, Copenhagen)
UMD Visualization Speaker Series (October 2014)
SND DC (April 2015)
News Impact Summit Milan (March 2016)
SND SF (April 2016)
NABJ/NAHJ (August 2016, DC)
Poynter Digital Design Challenge (October 2016, NYC), watch here
News Impact Summit Budapest (September 2017)
ONA17 (October 2017, DC), watch here
Infovis (October 2017, Mexico City)