Visual debate deconstructions

Published in The Washington Post, Fall 2015

Screenshot 2015-12-12 22.05.34

These debate deconstructions have been a fantastic collaboration led by Samuel Granados and have included a bunch of different folks in the team. I love their simplicity, playfulness and visual approach. I’ve helped construct the narratives, design some of the visual elements, and write the text.

Role: Writing, editing, some design (not the example above, Kevin Uhrmacher designed that! But it’s my favorite graphic in the project — hilarious.)

Awards: Award of Excellence in the SND Digital competition

More debate deconstructions: 10 charts explain how Rubio emerged, Bush devolved in third GOP debate, Deconstructing the #demdebate: Clinton, Sanders control conversation

Washington Post graphics in Best American Infographics 2015

Best American Infographics 2015

The Best American Infographics book, edited by Gareth Cook, came out in October. The Washington Post had our best showing yet, with 10 of our graphics featured. The best thing is that so many of our @PostGraphics team members are represented — at least 11, which is about half the team!

A few pieces that were featured that I edited:

Weapons and mass shootings: Richard Johnson, Bonnie Berkowitz, Ted Mellnik, Todd Lindeman and Kennedy Elliott
Screenshot 2015-12-12 21.12.04

When drones fall from the sky: Alberto Cuadra and Emily Chow
Screenshot 2015-12-12 21.02.31

Wizards shooting stars: Beautiful work from Todd Lindeman and Lazaro Gamio
Screenshot 2015-12-12 21.06.01

Inside the Clinton donor network

Published in The Washington Post, Nov. 19, 2015

Clinton donors

Role: Project management, graphics and design editing, light development

Awards: Silver medal in the SND Digital competition

This project, the result of many months of detailed data analysis and reporting, was the product of a wonderful collaboration between reporters, designers and developers. My team was responsible for the graphics, template design and full-stack development. I helped refine and edit the graphics and overall design, keep the project on schedule and stakeholders informed, and develop and style small front-end components.

Exodus: The Black Route

Published in The Washington Post, June 26, 2015


Design Director Greg Manifold and I prototyped an experience for this story. We wanted to emphasize the exceptional photography and make the introduction highly visual, captivating and emotional. We hoped that would hook readers into a deep reading experience. I suggested contextual mapping: when a place is mentioned in the narrative, it is highlighted in the accompanying map. Emily Yount, Emily Chow, Seth Blanchard and Lazaro Gamio took the rough prototype we built and transformed it into this wonderful project.

Role: Design, concept, prototyping

Awards: Award of Excellence in the SND Digital competition

More story design/editing: The N-word, Prophets of Oak Ridge, Cycling’s road forward