Favorite work from 2014

Some of the projects I’ve loved this year:

Health hazards of sitting: One day I said to Bonnie that we should do a graphic about how bad sitting is for you (was feeling bad about sitting all day!). She, as usual, simply said “I’ll look into it” and then, with Patterson’s help, made this amazing thing, which was one of our most popular pieces of content this year.

Pistorius affadavit: I developed this project that has some amazing artwork by Todd Lindeman and Richard Johnson

Flight 370 timeline: I developed the little locator map on this project!

Secret service: Sam Granados had the vision for this project, which is a smart mix of media types that tells the story of the night bullets hit the White House and the Secret Service didn’t know. I helped with some of the design and development of the piece.

Intensive Care for a Damaged Dome: Fantastic project by Alberto Cuadra, Sohail Al-Jamea, Katie Park and Kevin Schaul that I edited.
Screenshot 2015-12-12 23.22.40

Election Lab: Fun election project designed by Kennedy Elliott that I edited:
2014-10-28 14-electionLab