Motion graphics for the 2012 election

Motion graphics for the 2012 election

Published in The Washington Post, 2012

During the 2012 primary season, we started talking about how to tell the story of the election as a whole. I worked with AJ Chavar, video editor, Sohail Al-Jamea, motion designer, and Karen Yourish and Chris Cillizza, reporters, to storyboard and produce this motion graphic, which led our site the morning after Barack Obama won re-election. We did extensive storyboarding to ensure we would be prepared no matter the outcome of the election. I’m proud of this video because it’s fast-paced, has a great storyline and uses compelling graphics and smart visual approaches to keep the viewer’s attention.

Role: Story development, visual editing, producer

Skills used: Storyboarding, visual editing, project management

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Tax Calculators on Wonkbook

This week we launched two new interactives embedded in Ezra Klein’s blog, Wonkbook. Ezra and Dylan Matthews put together the information, Todd Lindeman designed it and Andrew Metcalf built it. I helped with styles, etc. It’s a fun experience, and I love that it’s built for the blog. Check them out!

Romney version here:

Obama version here: