Coming home a different person

Published in The Washington Post, October 3, 2010

Coming home a different person

Role: Design, programming, production

I worked closely with Whitney Shefte and Alberto Cuadra to create this piece. We storyboarded the intro video, motion graphics segments, and the flow of the piece together, then each created the individual parts. I built the interactivity around the intro page menu, the brain segment, and the package navigation. It features deep linking to each video, gallery, or multimedia segment.

Tools used: Flash/ActionScript 3.0 with audio and video players, Javscript, CSS, SWFAddress by Asual, Adobe Photoshop

Awards: POYi Documentary of the Year, Peabody Award (2010), Online Journalism Award for Multimedia Feature Presentation (large site), Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting, SND Digital Design competition (Use of Multimedia), WHNPA Eyes of History 2011: 1st Place for Multimedia Package (In-Depth) and 2nd Place for Multimedia Innovation

Is life getting better or worse?

Published in The Washington Post, October 30, 2011

Role: Design, programming

I worked with Dan Keating (database) on this project, which takes a unique approach to user-generated data. It mashes up responses from users with actual numbers on unemployment, median income and population growth to see how people’s perceptions line up with reality. A week after launch we had nearly 5,000 responses. We use IP location to target the experience to the user’s county and state, and ask them to make a rating and, optionally, give us some demographic information and leave a comment. Read more here.

Tools used: JavaScript, jQuery, Quicksand plugin, Echo comments API, Google Visualization API, API, CSS

More user-centered projects: Are you over the hill for Olympic sports?, How does your income compare?