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This past Sunday “Coming home a different person” launched, a project I worked on with Whitney Shefte and Alberto Cuadra, alongside reporter Chris Davenport. It features an overview video that covers the increases in traumatic brain injury cases and what doctors are doing to treat it, as well as five case studies of three soldiers and two Marines, and a graphic that explains the science of brain injury.

I initially heard about the story Chris Davenport was working on and thought, wow, this is an amazing multimedia opportunity. I went to Whitney and asked her if she’d like to work on it with me. We huddled with Chris and storyboarded out a basic flow for the intro video and the entire piece — how it would be structured and how we should integrate the graphics with the videos. Read more about how we developed this multimedia piece »

Alternative story formats: Investigation into Alaska native corporations

Two Worlds
Two Worlds

This investigation, which launched September 30, focused on Alaska Native Corporations and their explosive growth during the last decade. I combined photos, graphics and video in a multimedia slideshow. The intention was to build a relationship between the corporations and the shareholders they represent. Alaska natives are some of the nation’s poorest people, and some of the corporations that were supposed to be helping them make their way have instead been funneling money back to contractors in Washington.

Read more and see screen grabs »

Live results widget

Primary Results Widget

In preparation for the September 14 primaries, I designed this widget for the Politics front. It features house, senate and governors races that auto advance, as well as races to watch, and allows you to see all the races in one convenient spot. It was actually built out by a contractor, Zvi Band of SkeevisArts. We used it on the politics front as the live results came in, and will be able to re-purpose it for future elections.