2010 Political Race Maps: House, Senate and Governors

2010 Campaign: Congressional Races

These three new race maps (house, senate, and governors) launched today with the new PostPolitics section of The Washington Post. I worked with Karen Yourish and Dan Keating, who are absolutely amazing data whizzes, to get the data together for the project, and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso gave me some great base maps to start with. We really wanted to give a complete picture of the 2010 races, so we have current race ratings (for house, we have state of the race), election history for each district or state, and demographic information that lets you see some cool patterns — like how states vote when they have a high percentage of seniors or high poverty rates. Keep reading this post »

The Battle of Wanat

Published in The Washington Post, October 3, 2009

The Battle of Wanat

For this story about a battle in a remote part of Afghanistan that had greater implications for the war there, reporter Greg Jaffe came to us with a ton of found videos, photo and audio. I came up with the idea to do a horizontal pane timeline that would allow us to integrate all the media into one experience instead of breaking it up into several pieces. I built this horizontal scrolling interface, which has video and audio players embedded in it. I also designed and laid out all the photography and text in the piece. I think it has a simple and easy user interface, which drives interaction with the multimedia items inside the project.

Role: Design, programming

Tools used: Flash/ActionScript 3.0 with audio and video players, Adobe Photoshop, CSS

Awards: Bronze, Malofiej 18; WHNPA Eyes of History 2010: 2nd place for Best Multimedia Package (Simple); SND Quarterly (Winter 2009)

D.C.’s rock scene: 9:30 club turns 30

A multimedia history of the 9:30 club
A multimedia history of the 9:30 club

I spent the last few days working on this piece about the 30th anniversary of the opening of the 9:30 club, one of the best venues in D.C. (and a lot of people would say the whole country). Alex Garcia shot some great concert video and interviewed some key people, and Josh du Lac wrote the magazine story. I pulled it all together in this multimedia slideshow, which has several different text layouts and video in varying sizes. The content of this is the coolest part — there are some great stories in there about the old club: how there were so many rats they had something called the “rat highway,” how Will Smith (The Fresh Prince) showed up and just left without playing the show because he was so disgusted at how the place looked and smelled, and a whole bunch more. There are also some great photos from the ’80s and ’90s. I pulled the illustrations from the magazine layout, which you can see here.

Say What?

Published in The Washington Post, August 2012

I have been wanting to do a Twitter project for a while, and this time all the pieces fit together. After I pitched the idea, Cory Haik coordinated a partnership with VoterTide, a great company in Omaha that does aggregation and analysis of Twitter trends specifically around politics, that made the Twitter analysis segment possible. I designed the piece, and we were able to get two awesome developers, Leslie Passante and Jeremy Bowers, to build it. My favorite things are the ‘watch highlights’ view, where you can see all the Post analysis and skip everything else, and the addition of the social layer. Read more on my blog.

Role: Design

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